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The Blue Light Central is 1 hour (58 minutes) of free programming, delivered weekly via AudioPort, dropbox, or whatever your preference.

The virtual train ride is a VERY eclectic mix of blues, soul, gospel, folk, 
classic R&B, jump and swing, cajun & zydeco 
and about a million variations on the theme. It occasionally features interviews, but more often focuses on the music and the narrative flow of the lyrics, 
or the segue from rhythm to rhythm and style to style. As you review the clips below, please keep in mind that on the show there are 20-minutes of music for every 2-minutes of the host’s mic time.


This is an example of one of the “musician profile” shows we do. In this case, it’s Roomful of Blues Family Tree. Over the show’s long history we’ve profiled everyone (and their influences) from the Allman Brothers to Willie Dixon.

Every show has a theme and generally, a beginning, middle and end.Sometimes the themes are obvious, as in the observance of a holiday or other event. Sometimes (and more often) they are odd – even silly. We’ve done the Outlaw Blues, the Little Boy Blues, Kings of the Blues, and so on. This is a clip from the ABC’s of the Blues.

We often get historical. But not to the point of being dusty about it. Here’s a clip from our celebration of one of the often overlooked soul labels, Brunswick Records.

The show is primarily a blues program, and showcases contemporary and founding figures. But, like a good blues train, we often range far afield of the genre. We’ve focused on soul, gospel, cajun, rock-a-billy, boogie woogie, jump-blues, and countless other styles and iterations. The one thing they all have in common is the integrity of the recording. Here is a clip from a show that focused on Western Swing.

Blues was arguably the first “protest” music. It was the music of the poor, the oppressed and disenfranchised. And it often thumbed its nose from a safe distance,
just beyond the boundaries of accepted tastes and politics. It was real from the get go, as is the best of current blues. My politics are decidedly to the left of center and sometimes the music gives voice to that leaning. More often than not, though… Politics gives way to the affirmation of classic gospel.


Every year the program can be counted upon to air shows that are determined by the holidays, i.e.: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc. Among these is my personal favorite. For the 2nd week before Christmas: It’s Kid’s Blues – Blues performers takes on classic children’s music. It’s our annual present to the families in the listening audience.

So, bottom line… It may be a blues show by description, but you never know what you’re going to hear!